Servo Control System Co.

Our company with more than 12 years experience in Industrial Automation, Motion Control Systems, Power Transmission Systems and Instrumentation, offers comprehensive and optimum solutions to our customers in different applications such as: CNC machines, Packaging & Printing machines, Pipe & Tube machines, Cable Drawing machine, Elevator and etc.

Our company offers solutions for motion control and industrial automation applications. our products include AC drives, AC servo system, high precision planetary & worm reducers, CNC controllers, motion controllers, human machine interface(HMI), spindle motors and other complementary products.

Our company tries to make a reasonable conjuctions between the quality & price, pre sales services and after sales services.

You are welcome to contact us and enjoy our trading and engineering services.


  • CNC machines for wood,metal,stone and jewelary working
  • Crane, hoist
  • Packaging machine,printing machine
  • Textile,milling,water supply,cable


  • We offer integrating service to our customers and help them for making cost effective and high performance solutions.